IR Maker can assist you to get unbiased research paper on any publicly traded company. That report than can be disseminated through extensive electronic distribution network.

The research products and services include:
Initiating Reports
Updates Reports
Analyst Commentary
Research bulletins
Analyst Articles
Weekly news letter
Technical Analysts
Video Interviews with CEOs and Analysts
Introduction to Investor Relations Firms
Introductions to Investor Bankers and Underwriters

The In-dept Research are institutional quality and are written by highly qualified contracted analysts many of whom are CFAs. Our partner company, who is one of the largest provider of independent equity research, ensures that the report recommendation and target stock prices receives maximum exposure to the collective wisdom.

Founded in 2000, our partners has written research reports on and featured in video coverage more than 800 companies. Those companies are not affiliated with or owned by any financial institution, investment banker, brokerage firm, or investor-related organization.