What best way to declare new product releases, business milestones and build brand knowingness than a press release, which will be, distributed to a masses of websites and news feeds. Press releases are a very efficient method of building brand awareness. You will also gain from a higher search engine ranking by virtue of the incoming back-links from every website where your press release is published and also drive huge amounts of targeted traffic through your press release.

Submission Features:

  1. All submissions is done Manually by our trained staff members.
  2. We provide round the clock customer services and 100% guarantee that our services will be up to your expectations.
  3. All Press Release sites are High traffic, SEO friendly, High rate of success, Known and Proven.
  4. We make sure that you totally visualize the impact and effectiveness of our PR submission service, by providing you a free submission report.
  5. Our prices are extremely competitive and one of the best in the industry !
  6. Most of websites we submit to have a minimum PR 3 and maximum PR 7.
  7. A detailed report of PR websites email you at the end of submission.

IR Maker works with a number of PR distribution services and can help you to save money of worldwide exposure.  Our distribution technology ensures simultaneous disclosure of your material news to all market participants. Media, investors, analysts and all other constituents receive your market-moving news at the same time, resulting in a level playing field.

The distribution channels include:

  • Print, broadcast and online media in your chosen geographic circuit.
  • Full-text posting to thousands of websites including Yahoo! Finance, Dow Jones MarketWatch, AOL Money & Finance, Morningstar, MSN Money, CNN Money, Hoover’s and more.
  • The Associated Press and United Press International.
  • Bloomberg, Dow Jones and Thomson Reuters wires and terminals.
  • Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s Investor Service.
  • The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Investor’s Business Daily and USA Today.
  • Full-text posting to financial databases including ThomsonOne, FactSet, Factiva and LexisNexis.
  • Relevant business and trade publications.

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