Nowadays first thing most of the people do is “Google” the company before doing any kind of business with it. For a maximum benefit, the collaboration of the search results on the first page should project clean and positive image of the company that was searched. Whether you feature positive highlights of a brand new IPO or remove previous information associated with the company you did a reverse merger with IR Maker can help you to control the results displayed through Google search.

Having your company’s reputation, trading symbol, CEO or product name is market by negative comments can discourage many potential clients, partners or investors from dong business with you.

What are your options when there are negative discussions on the Internet relating to your brand? You can send them a ‘cease and desist’ letter or actually enter into litigation with the flame sites. Often this creates more negative publicity for your site especially if it involves the blogging community.

The other alternative is to take control of the search results pages for your brands. 75% of searchers don’t go past the first page of results when searching. Therefore you should monitor and know what is happening to the top ten results. When you look at these listings determine what is being said about your brand. Look at this information from the eyes of a searcher. If you do not like what appears or if there is adverse information on the page you need to influence in your favor. This is the field known as online reputation management.

Online reputation management involves monitoring the top search results for your brand name. Most corporate sites have a network of associated sites including product sites, blogs, press releases, suppliers, partners, articles, affiliates, recruitment sites, etc as well as their main corporate brand site. These sites should all be optimized around your brand name. By optimizing this network you should be able to control the content within the top ten. By keeping watch on these results you should be able to pro-actively deal with any potential problems as they occur.

Here is what you will get:

  • Navigate the new rules of engagement in a transparent world
  • Define who you are and develop your personal or corporate brand
  • Create positive PR buzz with your online content
  • Gain visibility in web search results and harness SEO tools
  • Understand the pros and cons of e-mail before you hit “Send”
  • Use the latest Internet tracking methods and understand how information spreads online
  • Apply solid strategies for reputation repair when things go wrong