Online Banner

Through strategic and specific partnerships, IR Maker can place your message in the financial channels of trusted online media brands. With more than 30 million unique page views a month, IR Maker delivers the solutions your business needs in online advertising.

Banner Advertising is still one of the web’s most effective PR marketing advertising form of gaining corporate awareness for your company. Online PR Marketing is our specialty. We are experts with strategies and tactics that increase the corporate awareness of your company, the visitation to your website and improve overall corporate brand awareness.

Banner Advertising is an especially effective form of PR marketing advertising that exposes your company information in a banner sized graphic in a targeted location on relevant websites. Banner ads are effective because viewers can easily link directly to your Website or to relevant information that has been created for your company.

Banner Advertising campaigns, especially good quality banner advertisings, are most effective when used in combination with other PR marketing advertising components such as email campaigns, long form advertisements, and enhanced online interactivity.

When using a banner advertising campaign for PR marketing advertising, it is wise to remember the effectiveness will be minimal if you don’t have a targeted and relevant audience. Banner ads design and placement should work as a compliment to your overall PR marketing advertising campaign. Viewers become more engaged when they see your banner ads in a number of locations on relevant sites and the banner ads are tastefully created and non offensive in terms of intrusiveness.

IR Maker uses online banner ads as part of a comprehensive and detailed PR marketing advertising campaign. Our banner ads are created to be visually attractive and engaging. We provide many opportunities for viewers to see your banner ads throughout the banner ads campaign. Our rotation of the banner ads in combination of the number of locations combine to make our banner ads and PR marketing advertising program extremely effective.