The way businesses and organizations communicate with their customers or members has evolved. Postal mails, newsletters, and printed ads are being replaced by emails, but the speed and convenience of email communications has created breeding grounds for unsolicited messages and overabundance of volume. Mobile text messaging has emerged as a new way of contacting customers with speed, relevance and effective response.

IR Maker Mobile Text offers key advantages that email and postal mail cannot deliver:

  • Timely delivery
  • High-impact Messages
  • Personal attention
  • Geo targeting
  • Over 90% of messages are opened
  • Short messages are read in full
  • Extremely high purchase rate
  • Capable of creating various fun, interactive, and engaging campaigns

IR Maker can provide exciting promotions that will supercharge your fans. With energized fans you get residual benefits that last long after your event is over – and the best part – they don’t even have to leave their seat to do it!

Mobile messaging is very pervasive among the younger generation and is becoming very popular with all age categories. There are millions of potential customers in every sector of the population. It is one of the most flexible and simplistic marketing tools available today.

Text awareness campaign can reach huge numbers of people at the same time – and they receive and deliver information via their telephone – nothing could be simpler. It is for that reason, our promotions have a higher visibility than almost any other form of marketing. IR Maker offers numerous options for companies seeking to expand their marketing choices, including text promotions, text messaging sponsoring, and branded campaign. These promotions are quick to set up, are monitored in real time, and winners are chosen with your pre-determined criteria.

With the most flexible and reliable text messaging back-end in the business today, IR Maker is ready to work with you to develop your own text company/product awareness campaign.

IR Maker is ready for your business. Our marketing and sales staff are standing by – ready to discuss how we can help grow your business and attract attention to your company, brand and products.