Whether consumers come to your website via online advertising, a search engine, or social media, we help you stay top of mind with any visitor who leaves your site before contacting you. IR remarketing is our remarketing service that recaptures lost prospects as they surf the Web by showing them custom display ads that bring them back to your site. This boosts conversions from your online marketing. With IR remarketing, you get:

Advanced Retargeting Technology

The retargeting technology identifies consumers who have recently seen your ads and visited your website. Then, it shows them your remarketing display ad as they surf other sites across the Web. This reinforces your brand with your target consumers and compels them to click on your ad and return to your website.

1. A consumer visits your website either through a Web browser or by clicking your featured ad.

2. The technology drops a retargeting cookie on the visitor’s browser.

3. The consumer leaves your site and surfs across the Web.

4. When the consumer visits a site within our extensive IR network, that site recognizes the retargeting cookie. We display your retargeting display ad to the consumer, reinforcing awareness of your business and compelling them to return to your site.

5. The consumer may click on your display ad, returning them to your site.

6. As your campaign continues to run, our technology tracks and reports clicks, impressions, CPM, and spend generated from the campaign, so you can see the performance of your remarketing campaign.


Over 20 Ad Networks

Your remarketing ad is displayed to your previous site visitors as they surf across our IR network of sites. This extensive network is made up of over 20 leading ad networks, reaching an estimated 90%* of the U.S. online audience. Plus, we repeatedly show prospects your remarketing ad over time to increase awareness of your business.

1. Our Internet Marketing Consultant enters your campaign information into our platform, including your display ads, budgets, and other details like geographic, contextual, and behavioral targeting.

2. The campaign is reviewed by our editorial team to ensure quality control and accuracy.

3. After the campaign is finalized and provisioned, our technology delivers all your campaign details and ads to our extensive network of partners.

4. Through the API, we continually monitor and record your results from across our display network to track the performance of your campaign.

5. Leveraging our engagement optimization technology, we regularly update your campaign based on this data to provide optimized performance for your budget.

6. We aggregate all of your campaign performance details (from exchanges and networks) and present detailed reports in our platform to show you clicks, impressions, CPM, and spend.