Oftentimes, companies overlook the benefits and possibilities associated with taking their company to the public market. Aside from the added possibilities of raising capital, it also helps to guarantee a successful future for your company and the added possibility of public acquisitions/mergers.

Funding Partner

If you choose to go public however, you need to be sure that you are advised by the right team of consultants every step of the way. Allow IR Maker to suggest the firm that will help you to find the right path for you to take.

Any one of the following options can take you and your corporation public. Only your specific goals and needs will dictate the method you choose.
Let our partners show you the right method of accessing capital, liquidity, company marketing, publicity and the prestige of going public.
  • Listed Pink Sheets via filings
  • Listed on the OTCBB via filings
  • 15c211 ready504 to the Pink Sheets
  • Spin-offs to the OTCBB Market
  • Buying and Merging with an Existing Pink Sheet Shell
  • Buying and Merging with an Existing OTCBB Shell
  • Reverse Merger to the Pink Sheets; filing to the OTCBB
  • Traditional Underwriting (Initial Public Offering (“IPO”))
  • Frankfurt Filing and then Migrate to the NASDAQ Small Caps
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