E-mail marketing can be the most cost effective way to create awareness for your company, product, or service.
We deliver high impact E-mail marketing to the lists of over 10 Million quality opt in E-mails. Our lists are constantly growing through our data management services, and we take pride in delivering only to the highest-quality subscribers. We constantly scrub and manage our lists to ensure clean data. We do not sell our E-mail lists and we do not divulge our subscribers’ personal information.To learn more about our in-house lists or our partners’ lists, please contact us today to get a complete set of data cards and find a solution that is right for your campaigns. If you have a list that you feel would be good fit for IR Maker, contact us to discuss options.

IR Maker can deliver an ongoing brand and stock awareness to produce better results than one E-mail campaign can do by itself. A guided and managed Investor Relations campaign will bring your stock symbol to the public before you ask for investors. Our strategies will bring relevance to your E-mail campaign, building trust and awareness before you launch.

Reach your exact target investor market:

  • Generate buzz at exactly the right time with your target audience
  • Spread awareness of your story to investors you would otherwise not reach
  • Hit the inbox of investors that want to see new ideas and investment information
  • Make money on your investment (our open rates are guaranteed!)
  • Save time by utilizing our resources and expertise
  • Get the help you need finding investors for public or private investments and services
  • Create the possibility of your message going viral

IR Maker has worked with:

  • Mining and Exploration Companies
  • Gold Stock Companies
  • Oil and gas Companies
  • New IPOs

We deliver IR Maker campaigns with exceptional results. Contact us to see how we can grow your business, or contact us today.