IR Maker with a use of blogging sites and massage boards can help you to reach out to hundreds of thousands wealthy investors each month through: displaying your company ads and/or posting general information about your company on top message boards. Message boards devoted to financial information, as well as a myriad of other topics, continue to thrive — even in a time when most mainstream online participation is user reviews and blog commentary.

Many online financial message boards exist where users can discuss the latest information about their favorite stocks. On these message boards, people with questions can post questions and comments which are potentially answered and addressed by domain experts. Many message boards do not require registration or over-zealous authentication, allowing users to post publicly, anonymously, and easily, creating a realm where anyone with access to a computer can learn at the feet of the masters.

On financial message boards, posters may have a wide variety of backgrounds and knowledge about the company being discussed or about the market in general. Demographic data reveals that today’s message board user does not belong to the typical uber-geek segments of the 90s. Message board posters, many of whom post anonymously, most closely resemble someone you might run across at an exclusive country club. The predominant users of financial discussion boards are male (77%), over 55 years of age (35.8%) and members of the most affluent segments of suburban society. According to Hitwise and Claritas, a company that segments the U.S. population by consumer behavior data, the typical financial message board poster lives in the world of large homes, expensive clothes, luxury cars and foreign travel, and holds the largest share of the nation’s personal wealth.

Search term data reveals that discussion topics on these sites can range anywhere from personal opinion and speculation on stock values to meaningless chest-thumping and flame wars. But the majority of search terms sending traffic to today’s message boards are stock symbols.

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