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IR Maker is a digital media and marketing company specializing in creating networking opportunities to build your brand, sell more products,  gain more attention for your company from potential clients and investors.

IR Maker can provide your company with all aspects of public awareness and brand building but we specialize in  strategic consulting for developing and building investor awareness throughout the small cap market. Our primary goal is to help our clients grow their businesses and enhance shareholder value through increased visibility and transparency. We accomplish this by providing exposure for our clients on our community of investor-targeted Web sites and strategic partnerships and alliances.

In this modern day of mass communication, many companies surprisingly find it more difficult to gain the attention of new investors. Our programs are the perfect vehicle to effectively communicate the story of many small-cap companies to the Street. There are thousands of undiscovered companies out there vying for a very limited pool of interested investors and capital.

Our job is to deliver market awareness to those undiscovered companies, showcasing their operations, fundamentals, milestones, achievements and operations to the growing pool of individual and institutional investors.

Our proprietary resource network delivers strong impact to your bottom line. We are in the business of producing immediate and measurable results for our clients.

IR Maker provides effective marketing services and solutions that target specific pockets of investors, cost effectively, with a robust ROI for our clients as our main objective. We don’t just specialize in e-mail marketing services to spread awareness for public companies to investors we uses contemporary methods to build a buzz all across the internet and make it easy for investors to find our client companies. We can target financial advisers, accredited investors, Forex traders, precious metals buyers, equity traders, and many others groups of potential investors. IR Maker has access to over 10 Million opt-in e-mails to various websites allowing us to distribute your company information at an affordable rate.

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Our strong partnerships make us a formidable force in creating packages beyond our e-mailing capabilities to enhance awareness across a wide online spectrum, targeting exclusive audiences.  We offer large online investment and financial networks, and these sites will help your campaign build trust, gain new customers, and add visibility to your brand or products.

To see the list of all the products and services IR Maker can offer to your company please visit Consulting Services Section of our website.